Hong Kong Day 3

Our last day, Sunday 16 Aug, had finally come! We woke up as early as we could and rushed out to meet Andy again for him taking us to Tim Ho Wan since we missed it the previous day from the longest queue ever. Unfortunately, again, the restaurant appeared to open at 10 when it said 9 on the website. There’s no place to sit so we decided to change the restaurant to Choi Fook Delight Banquet which was nearby. It was a huge disappointment, at least to me, but the new restaurant but not too bad. I got to have my favourite congee and lava buns which were quite enough to lift my mood for the whole day.

After finishing our breakfast, we went back to our hotel to pack and be ready to leave. But no, not yet. My sister insisted we couldn’t leave without her Chanel so we had to visit a couple of Chanel stores before we finally found her ‘the one’. I found my ‘the ones’ the night before so everything was all set for me. We spent that afternoon at Harbour City before we finally had to go to the airport - & not without my lovely French macarons of course. Our flight had been postponed twice and our legs had to use their last dope of energy dragging us from gates to gates before we finally left Hong Kong just minutes to midnight. We’ll surely see you later Hong Kong! 

Hotel: Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers (14-16 August 2015)
I recommend this hotel because it’s right in Tsim Sha Tsui area with malls and food and everything! Also, they offer this handy mobile device with unlimited local calls and internet which you can take with everywhere. The best part is that you can share the personal hotspot from the device and connect to the internet on your own phone! 

  • Yong Kee Restaurant 
  • Yat Lok Restaurant 
  • Hui Lau Shan cafe 
  • Lei Yue Mun Seafood Restaurant 
  • Choi Fook Delight Banquet 

Note to self: Trust the weather application on your phone and bring the umbrella!

Napat x

Hong Kong Day 2

The next day, Saturday 15 Aug, it was raining all day which kind of put us off a bit. We were going to have our most favourite breakfast of all time at Tim Ho Wan. Unfortunately, there were about 40 queues ahead of us which didn’t leave us much choice but to leave for something else so we ended up at an Michelin awarded fast-food restaurant, Yat Lok which they really do offer the best roasted goose! After our stomachs had been filled, my mother had to finish her jewellery-exchanging thing at the store before we met up with my brother’s friend - Andy - which he had taken us to Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple. The rain continued to pour down which made the temperature a bit nicer than a full exposure to sun. We had been to this temple a few times before so it wasn’t something special but I felt nice to visit a temple once in a while especially when I spend most of my time in London now where it doesn’t give the best access to buddhist temples. After visiting the temple, we all had some mango dessert at another Hui Lau Shan. Again, bomb.

This one was mango with sago, unlike the first one, but they both tasted equally bomb so if you ever get a chance to visit Hong Kong, I strongly recommend this cafe (or China - my sister claimed they have this cafe too). Now that the most special time had arrived, I’ll have to ask you to be careful of some explicit photos of this:

Turning into this:

The pictures should have described themselves well enough so I’ll just let you imagine things on your own. They might not look the best but it’s the taste and the quality we’re talking about. After our dinner is finished, we went back to the hotel to enjoy our beds but we sure did not waste those last few hours before the malls close. We went out again to visit Harbour City and spent a good half an hour finding Chanel shop for my sister and found a long queue waiting in front. Of course we did not want to wait since our legs were screaming ‘not another 15 minutes of standing still, please!’ We, then, decided to go for a quick walk around the mall which I subtly dragged my dad to the electronic zone and finally got my hands on my perfect pair of Sennheiser headphones. It would have been the most disappointing trip if I left empty-handed. Luckily enough, I did not. My headphones haven’t left my head in days. Just kidding! We were exhausted but, I don’t know if it was because I just got my headphones or what, my sister and I couldn’t sleep and we had decided that we wanted to watch Discovery channel to see how friendly a whale can be.

Napat x

Hong Kong Day 1

About 2 weeks ago, my family had decided that we wanted a weekend away to Hong Kong together. The original plan was Japan but we didn't have enough time so we ended up in Hong Kong for the whole weekend.
It was my 4th time there and, like every other time, my legs were sore after the trip ended. Our major purpose of this trip was food. Chinese food is one of our favourites. You know - fried buns, dumpling, congee, lobster and other weird-looking food that taste unbelievably good. Well, let me start from the beginning of our trip before my head turns to food.
The first day, Friday 14 August, was extremely exhausting. I had a sleepless night because we had to leave around 4 am and I usually go to bed at 2 or 3 so I came up with the logic of 'no sleep is better than little sleep'. We got to Hong Kong around 10 am and started our trip by spending a few hours in the hotel rooms. Don't worry, it was followed by a huge meal at Yung Kee restaurant where we'd visited on our previous trip as well.

After this big meal,  we decided that we were knackered enough that we went back to our hotel rooms afterwards. Not for me and my sister though. Even if we were as exhausted as we could be, we decided that there was no time to rest! We needed to spend some money! And soon after, we ended up with Sasa bags.

The night ended pretty young but the day was quite well-spent in my opinion. The dinner itself made everything about 1000 times better. Oh wait! I forgot to mention that my sister and I also had our favourite dessert at Hui Lau Shan cafe. The only work to describe this little bowl of magic mango is bomb.

Napat x